~~$$ WHAT IS FAUCET? $$~~

Crypto currency faucets are sites that give away Satoshis for free. A Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC.
Each faucet site has it's own policy and accordingly give away any where from 10 to 200 Satoshis every 5 to 60 minutes.
All you have to do is visit the site every few minutes as per their minimum waiting period policy, solve a Captcha code to prove that you're not a bot and collect Satoshis for free.
Again depending upon each faucet site's policy, you need to collect certain amount of Satoshis from them before you can transfer them to your wallet, usually 10000 to 50000 Satoshis.
Collecting 10 to 200 Satoshis at a time sounds slow. But I have collected about 300000+ Satoshis in just under 3 months. All for free. No investment from my pocket.
The trick to collecting Satoshis faster is referrals.
You give out your referral codes, links provided by the faucet site under “Referrals” or “Affiliates”, to people you know, or even to those who you don't know. When they register to that site from the link you provide, you get a commission on each of their collection. Usually 10% to 50%, again……. Depending up on each site's policy :)
So the more referrals you can manage to get to work with you, the faster you earn.
Faucets also usually have some kind of loyalty program. Either 1% daily bonus for logging in each consecutive day, adding up to 100% on 100th day. Or interest on your collection.


Crypto-flash is a faucet website that will pay for visitors who have completed tasks such as completing captcha and url shortener. Visitors will be paid with some crypto currency that will be directly sent to their faucethub account.
We accept up to 3 currencies